Prestwood Theatre Club is a local club which has been active in the village of Prestwood for over 40 years.

Each year we put on a very popular panotmime, and a number of other plays or shows.

So what's involved?  There are many different tasks involved in putting on a successful staged productions, some that can be filled by newcomers, and others that require skills and experience that are built up over time.

Acting  Daunting at first, but if you have never "trod the boards" before you can try with a small or non-speak role knowing that there are experienced people all around you.

Creative  Lots of opportunity to express your creativity, from set design through costume and make-up to publicity

Practical  People's creative ideas need turning into reality so all sorts of skills are required, such as:

- woodworking (for set construction)

- painting (for backdrops and other items)

- needlework (at times quite extravagent costumes)

- make-up

- lighting

- sound

- computer skills (posters, flyers, programmes etc)

Organising  Certain key roles are ultimately needed to make a production all happen.  These include:

- Director

- Stage Manager

- Business Manager / Producer

An assistant is often needed for one or more of these roles - a good opportunity to learn the ropes.

How do I get involved?  Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get yourself on the distribution list for publicity about forthcoming productions or to enquire about getting involved.  Or contact a member of the committee, or come along to one of our productions and ask any member of the cast or crew about becoming a member of the club.

PTC membership rates (annual):  
  Adult   £20  
  Junior   £10  
  Panto show fee   £5 Show fee for every pantomime cast member

 Note:  For insurance resons you must be a member if you want to take part in any production, either as an actor or backstage.


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